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    The guarantee period for all new appliances of Trisa Electronics AG anywhere in the world since 01.01.2017 is five years* from the date of purchase.

    *(excluding tooth brushes, rechargeable batteries and products not bearing the Trisa logo)


    On our new, large stainless steel refrigerators & food centres, damage is covered for a full 7 years (will be specially marked).

    If you have questions about our products or guarantees, or if you have a complaint, our repair service team is always ready to give you advice and support.

    Contact our customer service and ask for our repair team:


    Customer care Switzerland
    Trisa Electronics AG


    Kantonsstrasse 121
    CH-6234 Triengen

    Tel: +41 41 933 00 30

    Fax: +41 41 933 32 02
    E-Mail info@trisaelectronics.ch
    Customer care in Austria
    SCD Handels GmbH
    Unterhaus 33
    AT-2851 Krumbach

    Tel: +43 2647 4304070

    Fax: +43 2647 4304014
    E-mail: service@trisaelectronics.at
    Customer care in Germany
    Ernst Lorch KG
    Bildstockstraße 9
    D-72458 Albstadt

    Tel: +49 (7431) 124 200

    E-mail: HG@lorch-gruppe.com
    Customer care in Italy
    Trisa Italia
    Via Golfreda 6
    I-40136 Bologna

    Tel: +39 335 388 680
    Fax: +39 051 589 243
    E-mail: trisa.italia@libero.it