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    Ensuring the lead. What we have achieved so far makes us strong for the future.

    Anyone who wants long-term success in business needs a lot of assertiveness and courage to implement new ideas. We have been operating successfully with that philosophy for 30 years. Thus, we are in the best position to continue to make first class quality products that will bring you enjoyment in daily use.

    The development of innovative technology coupled with perfect design in every detail has always been one of our explicit objectives. That is the reason for our success. Trisa Electronics AG has always tried to remain a step ahead of the competition.



    We have always accepted every challenge. With hard work, competence and endurance, we have achieved our goals. But the company's excellent performance has not led us to rest on our laurels. In the future as well, our guiding principle will remain: taking the initiative, innovative thinking and working together. In so doing we want to continue to secure existing jobs and create new ones. For only a balance between business interests and social responsibility can ensure a company comprehensive success.

    New horizons are opening up

    Everything is moving. Changes are taking place ever more rapidly. Innovation is needed. Those who guide developments today will also be ahead tomorrow. For that reason, we believe in taking the offensive and creating opportunities in order to remain successful in the markets of the future. Austria, France, Italy and Eastern Europe are only a few examples of our commitment to exploring new opportunities.


    Securing our lead

    A pioneering spirit, quality consciousness and persistence remain our business ambition. More than 90% of the products are younger as 2 years, a performance which may be see.