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    Discover the diversity of pure fragrances.

    Our fragrances turn your rooms into individual oases of well-being. Be it for living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms or fitness rooms, you select your favourite fragrance and enjoy the feeling of freshness and individuality.

    The intelligent pure device binds and neutralises bad odours at the molecular level. That causes the selected pure fragrances to unleash their positive effects.


    Item no. 9340.47 incl. 3 Fragrant capsules

    "City Trends"

    trendy, sportive, masculine
    item no. 9340.9801

    "Relaxing Moments"

    appeasing, soft, natural
    item no. 9340.9801


    "Paradise Feelings"

    sensitive, dreamy, exotic
    item no. 9340.9803


    "Winter Emotions"

    reflective, aromatic, hibernal
    item no. 9340.9804

    ''Fruit Sensations''

    stimulating, fruity, mystic
    item no. 9340.9805

    ''Tea Passion''

    delicat, green, dulcet
    item no. 9340.9806

    ''Provence Harmonies''

    harmonious, herbal, vanilla
    item no. 9340.9807

    ''Flower Inspirations''

    bloomy, fresh, natural
    item no. 9340.9808

    ''Secret Lovers''

    feminine, auroral, erotic
    item no. 9340.9809


    fascinating, attractive, feminine
    item no. 9340.9810

    "Urban Classic"

    aromatic, masculin, ligneous
    item no. 9340.9811

    "Gourmand Sweet"

    kittenish, creamy, gourmet
    item no. 9340.9812

    "Oriental Trends"

    precious, ligneous, oriental
    item no. 9340.9813

    ''Cool Splash''

    refreshing, masculine, sportive
    item no. 9340.9814

    ''Grass Freshness''

    green, natural, grass
    item no. 9340.9815

    ''Swiss Wood''

    earth fragrance, back to the roots, nature
    item no. 9340.9821

    "Lemon Grass"

    refreshing, vitalising, harmonious
    item no. 9340.9822

    Patented technology Trisa Electronics innovations

    • Pleasant air fragrance environment with individual fragrances.
    • Neutralises bad odours; doesn't just cover them up.
    • Works all the time; doesn't dry out.
    • A combination of odour neutralisers, fragrances and dust filters
    • New fragrances all the time and new fragrance spectra for your individual room fragrance environment
    • Clean, simple handling without a lot of maintenance expense
    • Refill by simply clicking in a fragrance capsule
    • No overflow or spilling liquids
    • No spills into the device itself or onto furniture
    • Avoid high-maintenance, delicate ultrasound technology
    • No undesired, possibly unhealthy, chemical reactions.
    • The fragrances are not heated, so they aren't broken down.
    • Long-lasting, high value, nice-looking metal housing
    • Works without noise
    • Economical because it doesn't use much power.